Core Business Values

Commercial property investment and development company, Kingsbridge Estates have the following core business values:

  • Your Landlord of Choice

    We are the Landlord of Choice for business space users, and ensure quality long term relations with our tenant customers. We offer a variety of space geared to modern business needs.

  • Creating Dynamic Workspaces

    We create exciting and dynamic spaces that people enjoy working in. Our buildings offer high levels of natural light, are design-led, have good parking and accessible space. We are occupier focused, and can build in response to specific needs.

    At Kingsbridge Estates, we invest in sustainable locations and quality environments: near road and rail links, good EPC levels, good quality common and public areas.

  • An Inspiring Place To Work

    Kingsbridge Estates provides an exciting, energetic and professional workplace for its experienced team of property professionals.

  • Transgenerational Capital Growth

    We create long term value and invest to hold, not investing to ‘turn’. We use quality materials and attention to detail, long term relations with suppliers, consultants and contractors

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