Community & Green Projects

Solar Energy  

Kingsbridge Estates has invested in solar energy having completed an on – roof 250 kW system in 2015. We have obtained planning permission on two sites and DNO connections are in place. Our new site at Drayton will have a large solar array as part of the original build.

We originally became involved in ground mounted solar in 2012 obtaining detailed planning permission for a 30 acre, 5mW scheme on behalf of a related company in West Sussex.

Our aim is to invest in renewable technologies where there is a commercial return, and where cheaper electricity might benefit our occupiers. We also focus on the embedded sustainability credentials of the properties we own, on the basis that it should be easier to save costs in use than generate power. We attend industry events to keep up to date on future renewables technology and run a hybrid electric vehicle as part of our company car fleet.

Neighbourhood Liaison Groups

Kingsbridge Estates gets involved in public meetings and neighbourhood groups including those set up contingent on the grant of planning conditions. We attend these meetings for and with our clients, to better understand the planning issues and assist clients’ strategy decisions.

We like to engage with our neighbours and are always willing to discuss our projects as we find that this method is conducive to a better outcome, for all involved.                     

Charity committee

Our charity committee continues to put a significant amount per year into local community charities.

The committee’s focus will be on environmental issues and sustainable projects. We also aim to encourage young people in sport, education and healthy living and we’re also keen on promoting coronary health, dementia care and developing young people into the business leaders of the future.

Our focus will be on the areas covered by Kingsbridge Estates. We invite requests for assistance in writing and via email.

Future Proofing

We developed West Sussex’s first A-rated energy performance office in 2010. The design was rated BREEAM ‘Excellent’, and provided 10,000 sq ft of space. Our latest refurbishment project at Cumberland House uses the most efficient lighting and heating systems and we installed those as part of a speculative re fit of the space. We brought the envelope of the ground and first floors up to a much better standard of insulation.

Our aim is to improve the existing Energy Performance Certificate on that building and all our property. Future legislation (probably by taxation) will eventually raise the cost of occupying buildings that don’t have good energy performance.