Kingsbridge Estates host Inaugural Business & The Environment Awards - Oct 2011

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Kingsbridge Estates host Inaugural Business & The Environment Awards Kingsbridge Estates were delighted to host the inaugural Decision Magazine Business & The Environment Awards.

The awards highlighted how taking a lead environmentally and in terms of sustainability is a commercial imperative to gain a competitive edge and not something that should be driven by compliance but rather the process should be proactive and embracing, not reactive and box-ticking.

Kingsbridge Estates were chosen to host the event due to their fundamental belief in creating sustainable buildings and their commercially green ethos that governs every project they are involved in.

Mark Hooper of Kingsbridge said that "Users of commercial property today are aware of sustainability and whilst we know that green attributes add a premium to buildings, it’s hard to value it in cash terms, but a green premium has been shown to be the case in other countries and I believe it exists here too. We know, that given a choice occupiers prefer green buildings, so it’s up to the industry to step up to the plate and give that choice to them".