Family History

The Langmead family can trace its roots back to 1590 in Devon, where the family held a variety of business including farming. In 1881 William and Nancy Langmead moved to West Sussex with their four sons and William established a series of land holdings and a string of dairies.

In 1926, his son Walter James Langmead began focussing on farm breeding, genetics and technology which was to prove integral to improving farming during World War II, and he became a pioneer of professional farming and championed mechanisation.

In the 1950's Brian Langmead took over the farming tenancy at Home Farm in Selsey and developed the largest dairy herd in Europe. In the 1980's he began continuous wheat farming on a large scale focusing on developing yield.

In 1994 Brian's sons David and Robert Langmead established Natures Way Foods to provide a solution to the growing prepared bagged salad market, later diversifying into prepared fruit. Natures Way Foods now supplies retailers and customers nationally.

The family’s long-held tradition of hard work, enterprise and innovation is driven by the ambition to make a better life for future generations. The Langmeads believe that they are the custodians of the land not just for their children but for the entire community and that each generation should carve out their own identity on the business. In their own words:

“What we can do on the land is each generation’s signature to write.”

The farming land has never been divided amongst the family, leading to the significant land holdings today.