Kingsbridge Estates

Robert Langmead began investing in property in 1991. In 2004, he founded Kingsbridge Estates, and today is its Managing Director.

Kingsbridge Estates Ltd is a commercial property management company, focussing on commercial property purchasing, planning, building and managing properties in the South of England on behalf of several estate owners and occupiers. The company manages its own property portfolio which includes office and industrial buildings, business parks, horticultural packing stations, serviced apartments and land.

Kingsbridge Estates aims to implement new schemes and make improvements to existing sites where it can enhance the working environment and/or add value to the holding.

It is Kingsbridge Estates policy to:

* Work together with end users to create bespoke commercial space including co-developments and pre-lets.

* Buy commercial property for long term investment with a focus on creating inspirational spaces to work in sustainable locations only.

* Be a long term investor and acquire and hold property trans generationally.

* Create business space that occupiers and staff want to work in.

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