Robert Langmead’s Kingsbridge Estates Helps Secure GBP14.2m Development in West Sussex (07/02/2011)

CHICHESTER, England, January 31, 2011 — Kingsbridge Estates has helped secure planning permission from Chichester District Council for a new Natures Way Foods (NWF) pack house on the existing Horticultural Development Area (HDA) in Runcton.

The Walnut Tree Annex represents a significant capital investment of GBP14.2m and will include new machinery, start up costs, staff training and recruitment, as well as building costs. The new plant will enable NWF to expand its business, whilst creating almost 400 new jobs.

Kingsbridge Estates is owned by West Sussex Businessman, Robert Langmead, who commented, “I am delighted that Kingsbridge Estates has helped to secure the planning permission for this important new development. This project represents a key addition to our commercial property portfolio, while adding to our expertise in providing real estate solutions for clients in the food and drink sector.

“We were pleased to work closely with the Chichester District Council and the local community, to ensure the much needed facility was given the go-ahead. We specifically focused on ensuring that it was a sustainable development, in keeping with the Natures Way Foods ethos, and that the scheme complied fully with the requirements of the local area plan.”

A number of measures have been taken to ensure that the impact of the new development is reduced on the environment and to improve the surrounding wildlife habitats. This includes planting trees and wild flowers on the boundary area; the fencing off of ponds to preserve the habitat and the erection of catch fencing to entrap stray litter.

The proposed extension will also include attenuation ponds for surface water run off. The architect has designed a series of linked ponds along the west side of the site with significant new planting around them.

This will form a wildlife zone between the building and the public footpath, creating new habitat where none currently exists. The ponds and landscaping alongside the site provide a potential area of some 14 x 20 meters average of trees, wild areas and ponds whereas the site is currently bare arable land.

Kingsbridge Estates will begin construction work in early Spring 2011 with completion due at the end of the year.

Note to Editors

Planning permission was granted by Chichester District Council on January 26 2011.