Services for Occupiers - Commercial Business Space

Kingsbridge Estates has an established track record of providing new commercial business space for office and industrial companies in the South-East.

Our proximity to our property portfolio means we can make regular inspections, offer a truly local market insight and develop a strong rapport with all our occupiers.

We often find our tenants approach us first with a specific space requirement which we can then fulfill through acquiring, developing or re-using space in our existing property portfolio, strictly to suit the local market.

We also offer our tenants flexibility by providing buildings that are adaptable over a period of many years, giving a ‘second life’ capable of being altered. Another option is through re-gearing leases or moving occupiers on an estate or within a building as their business needs alter over time.

We are always happy to talk to our customers or prospective tenants about their space needs as it helps us to increase value and allows our tenants to have some certainty.

If you require business space and want to discuss your options please contact us on 01243 791600 or email