Kingsbridge Estates - Who We Are

Kingsbridge Estates Ltd is a privately owned, commercial property investment and development company, focused on acquiring commercial property, specifically for leasing to end users, in key sustainable locations throughout the South of England. Kingsbridge specialises in adding value through careful planning, quality building, refurbishment and management of all types of commercial properties, such as offices, light industrial buildings, horticultural packing stations and serviced apartments. Kingsbridge also owns retail developments and roadside property.

The company was originally founded by Robert Langmead in 2004, and has grown rapidly by investing in and developing quality commercial property in Berkshire, Hampshire, and West Sussex. The company’s specific expertise in developing commercial property for leasing to end users, has resulted in fast growth since its founding.

Kingsbridge’s portfolio extends throughout the South East region, in the key areas of Chichester, Southampton, Slough, and Bracknell. Typically, our projects have an end value of £3 to £10m.

The company is committed to improving returns and achieving asset growth through intensive management and development of the property portfolio. We have established a strong reputation for providing good quality commercial property in commercially vibrant locations to attract a wide variety of investors, partners and occupiers. We work closely with our occupiers to deliver what they require to help their businesses grow and prosper.

Our ambition is to acquire more stock where we are already represented and in all other parts of south–east England.