Kingsbridge Estates commercial property development and investment
Kingsbridge Estates commercial property development and investment

Core values

Commercial property investment and development company, Kingsbridge Estates have the following core business values:

Your Landlord of Choice

We aim to be the Landlord of Choice for business space users and ensure quality long term relations with our tenant customers. We are responsive with a customer service oriented approach.

Creating Dynamic Workspaces

We create exciting and dynamic spaces that people enjoy working in. We are occupier focused and can build in response to specific needs.

Sustainability is at the heart of our development process. Through design and procurement, we aim to create more sustainable buildings which have a lower environmental impact and reduced running costs. More sustainable buildings appeal to our tenant customers who are looking to occupy healthy spaces and to satisfy their own corporate social responsibility objectives.

At Kingsbridge Estates, we are proud of the long term relationships we have with our consultants, contractors and suppliers.

An Inspiring Place to Work

Kingsbridge Estates provides an exciting, energetic and professional workplace for its experienced team of property professionals.

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