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Kingsbridge Estates commercial property development and investment

Environment and sustainability

Committed to Environmental and Social Responsibility

At Kingsbridge Estates we are passionate about environmental and social responsibility and put them at the heart of each of our projects.  We recognise our responsibility to have a positive impact on the communities where we live and work – now, and for generations to come.

At every stage of development, from design and procurement to the construction and long-term management of our workspaces, we choose to work with partners who share our values.

We place these values at the heart of everything we do, and constantly monitor and review our activities to ensure we have a positive impact.

With this in mind we are in the process of developing our Environmental, Social and Governance Policy (ESG), which will be published during 2021.

Tree iconWith the ultimate goal of achieving net zero carbon development, we are committed to minimising our short and long-term impact on the environment by:

  • Independently verifying the sustainability performance of our developments through BREEAM certification
  • Targeting an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of ‘A’ wherever possible
  • Using materials that have a low environmental impact throughout their life cycle
  • Working with ecologists during the planning stages of our developments to protect the natural environment
  • Including provision for wind and solar energy in our workspaces
  • Creating energy efficient buildings by using natural and lower energy lighting
  • Reducing energy consumption in our managed properties and
  • Procuring energy from renewable sources whenever we can
  • Encouraging greener transport by providing cycling facilities and electric vehicle charging points
  • Providing recycling facilities at our developments, and encouraging occupiers to use them
  • Ensuring our employees, managing agents and suppliers are aware of our sustainability policy and incorporate it into all aspects of our business.

Star iconWe love living and working in the South and are committed to creating developments that are of social and economic benefit to the region, by:

  • Engaging with local communities in the early stages of planning each project
  • Listening carefully to feedback from public consultations and acting upon it
  • Creating green space and placemaking initiatives that benefit local areas
  • Ensuring any payments made to local authorities for local improvements are used for the benefit of the community
  • Reducing the visual impact of developments where appropriate
  • Actively supporting and volunteering with local charities

Sun iconOur business is built on people – our own team, our partners, our suppliers, our occupiers and the communities around us. We encourage them to support our environmental and social responsibility goals by:

  • Empowering our people to suggest and implement initiatives to improve the sustainability of our projects
  • Ensuring that sustainability is on the agenda at all meetings of our design team
  • Supporting the health, wellbeing, safety and work/life balance of our people through proactive HR practices
  • Encouraging initiatives to reduce waste at our office – reducing paper and plastic use, encouraging recycling and reducing energy use
  • Encouraging our staff to reduce their carbon footprint by minimising travel, using greener transport and car sharing where possible

Water drop iconPond protection

Our development at Concorde Park, Segensworth, is next to a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation and includes a medieval pond. We worked closely with an ecologist to protect and enhance the environment by installing a drainage system and attenuation pond to provide a controlled release of water to the site.

Recyclable materials

Our development at Spring Business Park, Havant, uses materials carefully chosen with their full life cycle in mind. The buildings are mainly constructed of steel and built-up cladding, which are among the most recyclable materials available. We removed large quantities of asbestos, and improved density to make the most efficient use of this brownfield site.

Two for one trees

We aim to implement a minimum “two for one” policy for trees – replacing each tree we remove with at least two. Since 2000 we have planted more than 6,000 hedge shrubs and trees at our site at Chichester Food Park, creating a wildlife corridor to the south of the site.

Highly rated

We always target an EPC rating and BREEAM sustainability standard when embarking on any project. Our development at The Courtyard at Vinnetrow Business Park was the first EPC A-rated office building in West Sussex and achieved the BREEAM “Excellent” rating for sustainability.

Green energy

We look for opportunities to use green energy across our projects. In all new developments, we either include solar panels or ensure the structure and electrical circuits are set up for them to be fitted. At our development at Chichester Food Park, we installed a 250kW solar power system on the roof, and 99% of its output is used by the occupier.

Water recycling

Nature’s Way Foods, at a site managed by Kingsbridge Estates at Chichester Food Park, has installed reed beds to naturally filter and recycle water from its on-site manufacturing units. These effectively treat wastewater which is then stored in a reservoir and used to irrigate lettuce crops in a “virtuous water cycle”.

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